Look Sharp! "The World's Only Joe Jackson Tribute"

By Scott Lea Productions (other events)

Saturday, May 21 2011 8:00 PM 9:30 PM
The late 70's new wave/punk movement produced a great number of fast emerging artists such as Elvis Costello, The Cars, The Knack, Cheap Trick and Joe Jackson just to name a few. Their songs were catchy pop songs with that new wave edge to it. Joe Jackson's debut release "Look Sharp" and its follow-up "I'm The Man" were full of those timeless catchy pop songs.

If you are a fan of that era or even if you weren't born yet, you must see "Look Sharp!" to experience going back in time when music was fun and life was a little more care free. We are true fans and pay a special tribute to "The Man's" early years. Those two great albums Look Sharp and I'm the Man (1979). We enjoy recapturing that early raw energy so be sure to catch a show and get in on the excitement!

Look Sharp only performs three shows a year so don't miss it!

Scott Lea (Vocals, Piano, Harmonica, Melodica)
Lou Tambone (Drums, Backing Vocals)
Steve "Muddy" Shews (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Paul J Baccash (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
WEB: http://LookSharpLive.Com/

21 and over.